Twice as Bright
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Twice As Bright

Twice as Bright tells the story of a young widower who discovers that his wife has left him a to-do list intended to ease his pain and help him begin again.

Genre: Drama
Cast: Michael Robert Young, Carlotta Elektra Bosch
Run Time: 24 minutes

Twice As Bright Film Credits, Mindset Pictures Presents Twice As Bright, Michael Robert Young, Carlotta Electra Bosch, Producer Luz Kai Feliciano, Assistant Director Brandon Smith, Director of Photography Taylor Gill, First AC Duncan Hill, Unit Producer Michelle Boley, Gaffer Oliver Mellan, Sound Mixer Felix Trolldenier, Production Design Shelby Treichler, Executive Producers Leo Hageman and Bobbi Creech, Written, Directed and Edited by Leo Hageman

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